The monthly traffic characteristic, which is sometimes also referred to as bandwidth or data transfer, refers to the full volume of data that can be uploaded to your shared website hosting account and downloaded from it every month. The website traffic is generated primarily by site visits - every time someone visits your website, the webpages they view are downloaded from the web hosting server to his or her computer or mobile device and they are displayed by the web browser. What counts for the web site traffic generated is the size of these webpages, consequently the more site visitors you get for a period of time, the more site traffic will be generated. In addition to the web site visits, file uploads will also be counted towards the total monthly transfer i.e. if you upload site content or any other files using a file manager or an FTP software, they'll also produce some traffic. The counter resets on the first day of every month and it's not related to the date you have signed up or the date you have renewed your website hosting plan.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Website Hosting

All of our shared website hosting packages are designed with the idea to take care of the site traffic made by any kind of site that can run in such an account. When you have one or multiple small or medium-sized sites, you'll not be limited by the monthly website traffic allowance no matter what content you may have - plain text or a great number of images, for instance. The statistics inside the hosting Control Panel provides you with detailed info about the website traffic produced by each and every website as well as the amount for your account in general. The stats are updated in real time and display both the everyday and the monthly usage, which means that you will be aware of how much information is transferred to and from the website hosting account at any time. Day one of each and every month the counter is reset, but you will still be able to see the traffic statistics for the previous months, which will show you how your websites perform.

Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The monthly traffic feature of our semi-dedicated packages is unlimited, or as a number of companies advertise it, unmetered. Certainly, we monitor the volume of uploaded and downloaded content for each account, yet we will never set a limit, therefore your websites can grow and get more site visitors. We only provide you with detailed info what is going on in the account in order to allow you to manage your websites more efficiently and to be informed on how they perform. You'll be able to see the traffic generated by every single website plus the most downloaded webpage or file. The results are hourly, daily and monthly. In a ever evolving online world, you will be able to have many new site visitors with just a single advertising campaign, therefore by supplying a truly unlimited plan, we will ensure that you do not lose potential customers just because your account can't handle the traffic.

Monthly Traffic in VPS Hosting

With each virtual private server package that you will find here, we offer a unique monthly website traffic allowance that depends on how powerful your server is. In this way, we are able to keep the lower-end plans less expensive and provide you with a chance to select the plan you really need in accordance with your budget and your resource needs. Upgrading from one plan to another is pretty simple and takes just a couple of clicks in your VPS billing Control Panel, thus if you start to get more website visitors at some point and you need a greater website traffic quota, you will be able to transfer to a superior package anytime. We will inform you when you reach 90% of your monthly allowance, which means that you will have enough time either to update or to optimise your web sites, in order to reduce the outbound website traffic. Our VPS plans also come with a server management panel where you can see what amount of website traffic has already been used for the current month and exactly how much is left until you get to the allowance restriction.

Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting

Considering how powerful all of our dedicated servers hosting packages are, the data transfer that you'll have each and every month will be enough for any type of web site whatever the amount of its visitors, even if you supply image or file hosting. You'll get a quota of terabytes of traffic each and every month and given that you will not share the server with anyone else, that quota will be supplied just for your sites and web applications. We'll contact you if you reach 90% of the allowance so that you can react and either optimize your web sites to reduce the traffic they generate, or increase the limit. It's extremely unlikely that you may ever require more than what we will provide you with, but we won't restrict the development of your web sites, so we leave the chance to add extra traffic open. The dedicated server plans come with a control panel where you'll be able to see how much traffic has been generated so far for the current month and how much is left until you reach the cap. Due to the fact that these figures include software setups and updates, they are more precise compared to any hosting Control Panel stats that include just the traffic made by web sites.